Beertalkers Episode 11 - Beer Styles Chapter 3 Stout

The long, dark shadow of Guinness has skewed people's perceptions of stout for far too long. In this episode we hope to broaden (make more stout?!) your taste horizons by looking at how stout can be everything from roasty, hoppy and bitter to silky, smooth and chocolatey with stacks of variety in between.

Here are the stouts we sample in this episode

Here is the link to the Tandleman blogpost discussing stouts and porters.

You can find some pictures of The Sir George Robey pub Sophie talks about as the scene of the first terrible time she had Guinness on this website about derelict London.

We mention some of our other favourite stouts but two we don't mention but that are well worth trying are Fuller's Black Cab Stout (4.5%) and Moor Beer Stout (5%).
Coming soon... The Barley Wine Special!

Posted on February 6, 2015 .