Episode 10 - Beer Styles Bitter and Pale Ale

Does bitter still exist? Is it the same thing as pale ale? Has 'ale' has replaced 'bitter' in meaning the beer which isn't lager? These are a few of the questions we try to tackle in a post-Christmas meander which makes up the second Beertalkers beer styles special.

We sampled Timothy Taylor's Landlord (4.3%) - once a bitter and now a pale ale;

Gadds' No 3 pale ale (5%);

Gadds' No.5 Best Bitter (4.4%)

and Cheshire Brewhouse Cheshire Gap pale ale (3.7%).

Cheshire Gap features East Kent Goldings and Boadeica which are both varieties of British hop. Find out more about Cheshire Brewhouse beers here and about Gadds' beers here.

We have A Pint With the legendary Dr Peter Darby of Wye Hops Ltd, part of the British Hop Association. He's great company, loves beer and is a walking hop encyclopedia - what more could one want from a drinking buddy?

Sophie referred to both Michael Jackson's Companion to Beer and Martyn Cornell's Amber, Gold and Black.

Show glossary... While producing the show we realised there are a couple of things we mention that might need a bit of explanation:

Crystal malt. Beer is made from malted barley - which is barley that is processed for use in brewing. It's soaked in water and then tricked into germinating so its sugars can be fermented into alcohol and it is also kilned and/or roasted to a greater or lesser degree in order to produce different flavours. Crystal malt is roasted while still very wet and the end result usually brings a toffee-caramel flavour and sweetness to the beer. 

Styrian Goldings are a hop variety from Slovenia. It is not related to English Goldings or East Kent Goldings though, but it is a relative of the traditional British variety called Fuggles.
Posted on January 19, 2015 .