Episode 7 - USA Beers

Episode 7 is here!

This episode of the programme was inspired by Sophie's trip to Denver, Colorado  to judge at the World Beer Cup and is being released to coincide with American Craft Beer Week from 12-18th May.

As well as hearing about Sophie's experiences in Denver we chat about the US beer scene in general and its effect on the rest of the beer world and we sample two American beers: 

Odell Brewing Cutthroat Porter (5%) and Founders Brewing Centennial IPA (7.2%)
You can hear Sophie chatting to Doug Odell on our Audioboo page

We introduce two new regular slots, an interview conducted by chatting over a beer - 'a pint with ....', and a audio visit to a watering hole to assess if it's 'a great place for a beer'. 
In this episode of the programme we have a pint with beer writer of the year, Will Hawkes and Sophie finds out if The Falling Rock Tap House in Denver is a great place for a beer.

The Falling Rock Tap House is at 1919 Blake St Denver, between 19th and 20th St.

If you want to find out more about the Brewers Association you can visit their excellent websitewhich will tell you everything you need to know about US Craft beer.

 You will find a full list of winners of the World Beer Cup 2014 here, and the British winners were: Magic Rock, Thornbridge, Meantime, Camden and Sharps.

Will Hawkes' invaluable app, Craft Beer London, is available on ios and Android and as a book!

We got our beers from the lovely Beer Boutique in Putney, London. Please check out their website for a lovely range of beer and 

We hope you enjoy the show and as always please contact us on twitter @thebeertalkers or by email at info@thebeertalkers.com.  And finally if you you enjoy the show (Or if you didn't!) please give us a review or even just a star rating on itunes. Click here to go through to the review page. 

Posted on August 9, 2014 .