Episode 4 - Cider Vs Beer

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Beertalkers where we veer off our normal beery route, down a country lane to find out why cider is becoming the drink of choice in these summery months. It's a battle between the cider cynic, Sophie and Westcountry boy, Sam. Listen to the end to find out if Applephobic Sophie is converted to the ways of the West.

We speak to beer and cider writer Pete Brown who is a true cider lover when the situation demands it.

We attempt to turn bottles of Bulmers Orignal into a hop monster with much hilarity. If you want to recreate this fascinating experiment at home here is what you will need.

One bottle of bland mass produced cider, one cafetiere, handful of hops and nice clean glass 
It's a simple case of mix, wait, plunge and pour!
Here is a list of ciders from the states where they are hopping cider in a more sophisticated way

The first cider we try is Oliver's Posh Scrumpy 

Next up is the intriguing and alluring Duchesse De Bourgogne - The beer and the lady herself
  Duchesse De Bourgogne is available in most good beer stockists - We got ours from the Beer Boutique.

Oliver's Bitter Sweet Funk. Does what it says on the label. 
Tom Oliver's Ciders are available from their online shop. Well worth getting hold of some of these.

We leave you with the people who know cider is the best - The Wurzels

Posted on July 22, 2013 .