About The Beertalkers

The Beertalkers are Sam Hill and Sophie Atherton. They met and became friends at the first ever European Beer Bloggers Conference in London a couple of years ago and after many discussions about projects they could work on together, and a few false-starts, hit upon the idea of recording their beer-themed discussions and shared tastings and turning them into a podcast.

Sam Hill grew up in rural Dorset where he developed an interest in beer. A year spent working as a Quality Control technician for Hall & Woodhouse cemented this love and he's been exploring the world of beer ever since. In 2010 he and wife Claire started food & drink blog, Hungerlust, as a way of documenting their honeymoon food extravaganza across America. Along the way they visited some of the country's most exciting independent breweries and it was this eye opening experience which led Sam to want to share his beery adventures. 

Sophie Atherton has been a beer drinker for almost 25 years. She was encouraged to drink bitter, rather than mass-produced lager, by her Dad which she says broadened her beer horizons from an early age. A journalist and beer sommelier, Sophie has written about beer for the national press and specialist beer magazines as well as appearing on radio and television to fly the flag for The Best Drink in the World. She also hosts beer tastings and events and writes her own beer blog called           A FemAle View